New Product Launch Newland ID Introduces New Rugged Tablet, the Symphone N7000R

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Symphone N7000R

The Newland Symphone N7000R is one of the newest products to have been launched by Newland ID. According to Channel Manager, Ramonn Louw, the product officially hit shelves in March of this year and is now widely available for purchase.

The Newland Symphone N7000R is a rugged and durable phone form factor Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). This intelligent device has one of the smallest 2D barcode engines on the market integrated into its mechanisms, allowing it to perform a great variety of different functions and to be used for multiple applications, particularly in courier, manufacturing, and security. Additionally, it’s dual SIM functionality means that users remain connected, no matter where they travel to in South Africa, which is a great feature for courier drivers, for example.

“The Symphone N7000R is a rugged device that, regardless of the environment, offers users a reliable solution,” says Channel Manager, Ramonn Louw.

Features of the Newland Symphone N7000R

This new device runs on an Android 5.1 Operating System, which offers enterprise-class device management, customization, and development possibilities. The Symphone N7000R boasts a Quad Core 1.3GHz CPU and has a memory of 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM. Moreover, it supports 4G full network, dual SIM and dual standby. For better network connection, it supports Dual band Wi-Fi, 802.11 a/b/g/n (dual band 2.4 Ghz/5Ghz). Last, but not least, the Symphone N7000R is extra ruggedized and features IP68 sealing, rendering it highly protected from dust and moisture.

When asked about some of the new and improved / upgraded features that the Symphone N7000R offers users – features that set it apart from its competitors and predecessors – Channel Manager, Ramonn Louw says: “First of all, with a Quad Core 1.3G CPU, Capacitive touch screen, increased Ram and memory space, the N7000R rivals most commercial phones on the market. Moreover, the device has been specially manufactured (IP68 sealing) to be incredibly durable and to operate optimally in punishing environments that are either very dusty or contain a lot of moisture. The Symphone N7000R is designed for regular hand-held use in places such as factories, warehouses, or on the road, so it can withstand a lot of bumps.”

The New Rugged Tablet for a Host of Industries

The Newland Symphone N7000R is performing exceptionally well in a suite of industries, offering manufacturers, courier companies, hospitality enterprises, security companies, and others ultimate control over their daily operations and processes. With its integrated 2D barcode scanner, this device enables users to perform their daily tasks and responsibilities with accurate control and a high degree of precision, ensuring that no parcel, box, product, or item is misidentified or mishandled. From inventory counting and access control to stock and back office inventory management, the Newland Symphone N7000R is becoming the new “must-have” rugged tablet and is an indispensable tool in a spectrum of industries.

Examples of the Symphone N7000R’s Applications
Security and Access Control

In today’s day and age, there is a great variety of commercial type devices being used in access control (security). These devices, however, aren’t efficient because they make use of a camera to read barcodes. The Symphone N7000R, on the other hand, has the smallest 2D barcode scanning engine integrated into it, therefore enabling it to quickly, efficiently, and accurately scan drivers licenses and vehicle registrations at security access points.

Courier and Postal Services

Most courier drivers have two devices on them: a cellphone, which they need to make calls to the courier depot or sorting office, and a PDA device of sorts, which helps them plan and organize their delivery schedule. The Symphone N7000R combines both devices into one rugged, durable phone form factor PDA that, with dual SIM functionality, enables drivers to stay connected anywhere in South Africa.

About Newland ID

Newland ID is a fast-growing manufacturer of high performance image-based data collection hardware, such as 1D and 2D barcode scanners and associated technologies. Their products include handheld and stationary barcode scanners, as well as OEM scanning engines, customer information terminals, and PDA’s and tablets.

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