Newland ID Launches New Product: The HR11+ Aringa 1D Corded Handheld Scanner

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HR11+ Aringa 1D Corded Handheld Scanner

On July 30th 2017, Newland ID officially added the HR11+ Aringa to the ranks of its product family. This 1D corded handheld scanner is due for nationwide release this month, which means that by the end of August, it will be available throughout South Africa.

“The HR11+ Aringa is compact and ergonomic in design, maximizing comfort during daily operations,” says Newland ID Channel Manager, Ramonn Louw. “It delivers outstanding scanning performance with a 2500-pixel linear imager and offers an excellent user experience at an affordable price.”

Let’s take a look at Newland ID’s brand new ID corded handheld scanner….

A Little About the New HR11+ Aringa 1D Handheld Scanner

The HR11+ Aringa is designed to facilitate operational streamlining in any setting where the quick and efficient scanning of products is necessary, from retail outlets, tobacco kiosks, and cosmetic stores to pharmacies, small to medium grocery stores, and ticketing booth for reading and validating mobile or paper tickets. It also has applications in online to offline (O2O) e-commerce services, such as in-store interactive touch screen kiosks.

“Given the diverse applications of the HR11+ Aringa, it would best serve the retail and hospitality industries as part of the Point of Sale (POS) solutions,” says Louw. “However, this compact and ergonomic scanner is so versatile you can benefit from it any handheld scanning requirement.”

The HR11+ Aringa 1D barcode scanner is highly efficient – making it a great solution for intensive handheld scanning – and is very comfortable for the user to grasp and use. It’s housing has also been very considerately designed to be durable (can be dropped from 1.5 meters without damage), compact, lightweight (weighing only 120 grams), and ergonomic, which maximizes operator comfort and reduces user fatigue.

New and Improved Features of the HR11+ Aringa 1D Barcode Scanner

  • Value for money
  • Ergonomic design
  • Scanning from paper and screens
  • Foldable smart stand available

When asked about the new and improved features of the HR11+ Aringa and the benefits it offers over its predecessors, Newland ID Channel Manager, Ramonn Louw, had a few points to raise: “We have made several changes to the HR11+ Aringa. We upgraded the CPU for faster decoding, and we upgraded the unit from 1,500 pixels to 2,500 pixels. The firmware can now also be upgraded and the product is customizable. Additionally, the HR11+ Aringa features advanced data formatting and is compatible with a smart stand.”

These features, coupled with the product’s compact and ergonomic design and superior efficiency make the HR11+ Aringa an incredibly desirable addition to the Newland ID product catalogue and one that “everyone will want to get hold of once they have seen it in action,” says Louw.

About Newland ID

Newland ID is a fast-growing manufacturer of high performance, image-based data collection hardware, such as handheld and stationary barcode scanners (1D and 2D), OEM scanning engines, and customer information terminals, as well as PDA’s and tablets.

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