Tactile Technologies Supplies Choppies Supermarket Chain with POSBANK APEXA™ G Touch Computers

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POSBANK APEXA G Touch Computers

In November 2016, iQube, the Technology Division of Choppies, a leading supermarket chain in Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, approached Tactile Technologies to outfit their rapidly expanding network with All-In-One touch screen computers. The reason: Choppies wanted to replace their older non-touch technology and POS software with more sophisticated touch screen based POS and so they opted for the POSBANK APEXA™ G All-in-one touch computer (AIO).

According to Channel Manager Anthony Shumba, “When Tactile Technologies started supplying iQube, they had already started to buy from a competitor, but we managed to provide the value-based POSBANK APEXA™ G at a competitive price and a three-year warranty.”

As a result, Tactile Technologies landed the account with iQube and has, since November 2016, supplied the vastly successful supermarket brand Choppies with 130 units, which have been distributed to more than 20 stores across South Africa.

Features of the POSBANK APEXA™ G

The POSBANK APEXA™ G is simply, yet powerfully and stylishly designed, offering Choppies an incredibly versatile POS solution that fits into most environments. It’s attractive, has flexible installation options, and has a true flat, bezel-free touch display built into a sleek, spill resistant housing. The particular model Choppies opted for was the 15-inch PCAP touch screen with J1900 Quad Core, 2.0 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, and with Windows 8.1 Embedded.

The POSBANK APEXA™ G features PCAP multi-touch technology, making operation highly intuitive. This, combined with its powerful, yet sleek build make this product the perfect POS touch screen solution for applications in Choppies stores, where they are being used as point-of-sales tills.

“The product looks good, is not bulky like some traditional POS tills, and is reliable,” said Anthony Shumba. “Choppies has sites in remote areas of the country and because of the low failure rates of the POSBANK APEXA™ G, they have less downtime, which ensures that trading takes place smoothly. The three-year warranty also gives them an extensive period for which their units are covered and the price is extremely competitive considering the reliability and warranty.”

The Future of the Project

Looking ahead, Choppies is opening new stores countrywide and the plan it to equip these stores with POSBANK APEXA™ G touch monitors. As was previously mentioned, the product has, to date, been deployed in 20+ stores across South Africa and this number is anticipated to grow as Choppies grows from strength to strength.

When asked about plans for expansion, Anthony Shumba said: “They [Choppies] also have stores that are still on the old non-touch POS that need to be replaced with touch with POSBANK APEXA™ G terminal.”

And so the partnership with Tactile Technologies is an on-going one.

About Choppies

Choppies is a Botswana-born supermarket enterprise that was founded in 1986 in a town called Lobatse. The very first, original Choppies store was actually called the Wayside supermarket, after which, in 1993, the second store was opened (also in Lobatse). From 1993 onwards, the Choppies brand pushed ahead with its massive plans for expansion, opening several stores in the greater Gaborone periphery and the more populous areas of Botswana.

In 2008, the brand took its first step onto South African soil with the opening of its store in Zeerust, in the North West Province. Today, Choppies has a constellation of stores in South Africa – predominantly the North West – and has also expanded into Zimbabwe.

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