Tactile sets benchmark with 7 YEAR WARRANTY program on Toshiba TCX product range

Posted by tactile-admin 13/11/2019 0 Comment(s) News Tactile,

Following our recent appointment as Toshiba GCS Distributor for South Africa, I attended the Annual Toshiba GCS Partner Conference in Cape Town.

I have been to many such events and have heard many manufacturers and vendors pitch their products. At Tactile we do not represent any vendor that does not adhere to strict quality standards, we select our partners carefully. 

Toshiba GCS impressed. The rigorous quality standards applied in the component selection process, the expectations towards suppliers to the build of their products, the processes in place to guarantee stability and security, the lengths to which they go to create the ultimate comfort for their partners and the end users... simply impressive.

When composing my feedback to the sales team, I was not short of USPs and impressive bits of info. Still fairly quickly I started considering a new, strong and unique differentiator. Feedback from my colleagues with lots of experience in the industry only pushed me more towards working out what is a differentiator in many ways:

  • ultimate sign of belief we have in the Toshiba GCS range of products, Tactile Technologies is fully behind these products
  • ultimate comfort for the end user in South Africa, it is all about lowest cost of ownership in these hard times we are in
  • our resellers now have a unique selling tool to outperform the competition, only by copying us will we be matched and copying this differentiator will raise questions on why it was not done earlier...

I am glad to announce that Tactile Technologies now offers a standard 7 YEARS warranty program on all Toshiba GCS TCX products!! 

This includes:

  • the TCX 300 and TCX 700 PC platforms
  • the TCX 800 and TCX Wave All-In-One platforms
  • selected peripherals.

What does this do to your Total Cost of Ownership? It reduces it to an absolute minimum, it is that simple. No need to elaborate further.

On top of this, Toshiba GCS commits to supporting the TCX products up to 7 years after the product is obsoleted. If you then know that the average product life cycle of a TCX product is also 7 years you get some truly incredible numbers. The TCX800 AIO platform for example was launched only last year in 2018 meaning:

  • expected availability to at least 2025
  • support by Toshiba GCS up to 2032
  • Tactile warranty of 7 years from date of purchase.

Never seen before in South Africa, at least not in the 20 years that I have been active in the industry.

If you would like to find out more and get all the detail on the products on offer and the many value adds available, please contact myself or your account manager. 

- Mauro Mercuri, Group Director for Tactile Technologies