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NQuire Tough Tab 8It’s here! Newland ID is officially breaking into the rugged tablet market with the nearly unbreakable NQuire Tough Tab 8. With its 8-inch screen, this device is proving to be the perfect solution for mobile individuals or businesses that need to remain abreast of the ever-evolving landscape in which modern businesses now operate.

“Any customer requiring a mobility solution with a larger screen size and the access to a barcode scanner will benefit enormously from what the Newland NQuire Tough Tab 8 has to offer,” says Ramonn Louw, Channel Manager for Newland ID. “This ultra-rugged tablet with built-in 2D barcode scanner is designed for use in a variety of punishing environments, making it the perfect device to withstand everything that your business can throw at it. With its remarkably low price, reliable design, and elaborate array of features, the device offers extraordinary value for money.”

The Newland NQuire Tough Tab 8 has been on the shelves since October 2016, but it’s still considered a new product on the shelves of Newland ID and it’s fast becoming a favourite in many industries. This rugged touch screen tablet with its 8-inch screen is used for a great suite of applications, including inventory control, asset management, manufacturing, retail, payment systems, security, and access control. These applications make this sophisticated device a real asset to the security, manufacturing, retail, logistics (courier), and mining industries.

“This is the first unit we [Newland ID] have manufactured in the rugged tablet market and is a solid starting point for future models and upgrades,” explains Channel Manager, Ramonn Louw.

Newland NQuire 8-inch Tablet Features and Specifications:

Although the NQuire Tough Tab 8 is the first rugged tablet produced by Newland ID, it boasts a generous selection of features and specifications that cater to the needs of a spectrum of industries:

Connectivity assured

With Bluetooth 4.0, a 3G micro-SIM card slot, and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n connectivity, the NQuire Tough Tab 8 ensures that users are always connected, wherever they are. The product also features GPS tracking and this allows for the use of location-based apps for increased security and accuracy.

Integrated barcode scanner

The NQuire Tough Tab 8 features a built-in barcode scanner, enabling it to quickly, accurately, and conveniently perform a variety of functions, such as inventory control, asset management, security checks, and access control, as well as many applications in the manufacturing and retail sectors.

Easy-hold hand strap

The NQuire Tough Tab 8 comes with an easy-hold hand strap, which has a fully removable back plate that securely screws into the tablet’s main body. With 360-degree rotation, users can position their tablets in either vertical or horizontal orientation for ease and convenience of use.

Impact protection and IP67 certified

Rigorously designed and drop-tested from up to 1,2 metres, the durable NQuire Tough Tab 8 lives up to its name! Its protective casing, reinforced edges, and corner protection keeps it safe from accidental bumps and drops, which are inevitable in the kind of environments and applications in which this rugged tablet is used. It also carries IP67 certification, which not only protects the device against dust, but also against immersion in liquids of up to a depth of 1 metre.

Built-in stylus

A discreet, built-in capacitive stylus enables users to operate the NQuire Tough Tab 8 comfortably and with great accuracy and precision.

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