This Month’s Featured Product: The Sunmi M1 Handheld Touch Screen Device

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Sunmi M1 Handheld Touch Screen Device

The Sunmi M1 is an Android 5.1 operated, handheld smart device that’s about the size of the average smart phone, but built to be more rugged with a faster processor and longer battery life. This state-of-the-art touch screen operated technology may be small, but it can play a pivotal role in the efficiency and success of businesses in a variety of industries. Its Quad-Core Processors (1.3GHz, 4 cores 4GB and Flash) enable the device to function quickly and smoothly, even with up to 10 apps open and running simultaneously.

The Sunmi M1 also features a super sensitive camera that, in addition to taking pictures, can also scan and identify mobile phone QR codes within 0.7 seconds. This touch screen device supports a variety of networks, including Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth (3.0 / 4.0) and has a high power battery (3.7V / 3000mAh) that can work over 8 hours on dark screen standby. The Sunmi M1 comes with a convenient software services toolkit that empowers you to manage your business users more efficiently and perform functions such as upgrade, manage, monitor and debug without the need for professional guidance

Sunmi M1 Applications

The Sunmi M1 scans, places and processes orders, bookings and payments in seconds and is popularly used in hospitality and retail surroundings, although they have a wide spectrum of applications in just about any industry.

Restaurant & Hospitality

One of the most popular applications, however, is the taking and placing of orders in a restaurant environment. Traditionally, waitrons will physically write down or memorize an order before entering it into a central touch screen terminal, which then communicates the order with the kitchen.

With the Sunmi M1 in hand, the waitron can select the individual food and beverage items off the digital catalogue as the customers order them and then place the entire order once they have finished. This instantly relays the order to the kitchen without the waitron having to compete with other waitrons for time at the central terminal. These nifty devices simplify and streamline the ordering process and reduce the risk of order error.

Sales & Vending

Another popular application for the Sunmi M1 handheld smart device is for vending. Solution providers in the telecoms industry, for example, can approach venders, such as small business owners, convenient stores and spaza shops, with one of these devices, which they can use to sell airtime and electricity to their customers. Because the Sunmi M1 smart device has such a long battery life and is extremely mobile and easy to use, it could even be dispensed amongst taxi and bus drivers, offering them an additional income stream from selling airtime and electricity to their customers.

Courier & Delivery Services

Delivery drivers for take-away restaurants, department stores or courier companies can make use of devices like the Sunmi M1 to provide them with the GPS locations of their drop-off or collection points, to receive messages and notifications regarding the delivery, to process payment and even to record the client’s digital signature to confirm receipt of the delivery.


Shop employees can use the Sunmi M1 to scan items to provide customers with a quote, or as a way to order those items. For example, at a big store like Makro or Mr. Price Home, should a customer want to order larger items they can’t immediately carry, those items can be scanned by this handheld device and relayed to the front counter. Once a customer has finished shopping, he or she simply goes to the county, gives the teller the reference number and pays for the items, which will automatically show up on the check-out system. Alternatively, if the customer only wants a quote on an item, the sales person can use the Sunmi M1 to scan the goods and then go to their computer to print the quote for the customer.

Challenges Business Owners Should Be Aware Of

The incredible mobility of the Sunmi M1 also means that – just like a smartphone – it is vulnerable to theft. Users will just need to be vigilant with their device and make sure its covered by insurance. Additionally, because the Sunmi is an Android operated device, there is the risk that staff members might use it for personal applications. Although the device doesn’t support phone calls, it can be used to surf the web, for example. Thankfully, Sunmi actually has a cloud service that can be used to lock down their devices, which restricts the applications staff members are able to use them for.

The Proliferation of Android-Supported Devices

In recent years, the market has seen a proliferation of Android operated platforms and applications. Beforehand, the Windows, Linux and Mac dominated the OS landscape and mobile systems, such as Android, were used exclusively for cell phones. However, nowadays, they are becoming increasingly popular and developers are innovating and customizing a greater variety of Android Apps to run their clients’ professional systems. There are two reasons this is happening. It saves professionals the steep licensing costs on traditional operating systems, like Windows and Linux. And with the bounty of information online, people can become quickly trained and accustomed to using Android systems, whereas, for example, Linux is complicated and cumbersome to learn.

It’s this shift to Android that sparked the dialogue between Sunmi and Tactile Technologies and now we extend the multiple benefits and applications of this smart touch screen technology to our clients and resellers.

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