How South African Retailers and Enterprises Are Using Tactile Technologies’ Products to Deliver Better Service

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There’s little question about it: touch screen technology offers a more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly experience that is helping businesses of all sizes and industries revolutionize their productivity, while also delivering the digital experience today’s customer has come to expect.

To date, Tactile Technologies has worked with scores of South African retailers and services providers, some of the country’s biggest names, including Spar, Eskom, Foschini, McDonalds, Caltex, Steers, Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), Kellogg’s, Nando’s, Nespresso, Netcare, Queenspark, Virgin Active, Engen, and many, many more. Through these projects, Tactile Technologies has outfitted their operations with the sophisticated Point-Of-Sale, Point-Of-Information, self-service kiosk, digital signage, and rugged handheld solutions they need to remain at the leading edge of their respective industries.

Let’s take a closer look at how South African retailers and enterprises are using Tactile Technologies’ products to deliver better service and a more digital experience….

Point-Of-Sale (POS) and Restaurant/Hospitality Solutions

Tactile Technologies sophisticated Point-Of-Sale and restaurant/hospitality solutions facilitate the fast, efficient, and accurate processing of customers in retail and restaurant settings. With a vast product catalogue of POS options on offer, there’s a solution for any enterprise, no matter how limited the space they have to work with or how punishing the environment is (restaurants, kitchens, and hospitality, for example).

Tactile Technologies has worked with several of South Africa’s retail and restaurant giants, including:

  • Well-known grocery store chain, Spar. Since 2009, Tactile Technologies has deployed well over 3,000 Elo 1515L touch screen monitors to Spar stores around the country.
  • Burger King, KFC, Nando’s, Wimpy, and Steers – some of the country’s (and the world’s) best-known franchise restaurants – make use of Elo 22-inch touch screen monitors, supplied by Tactile Technologies. These are used in the kitchen to display the meal orders that patrons place at the front counter, enabling the kitchen to operate more efficiently.
  • Engen, one of South Africa’s largest oil and gas station companies. This project saw the replacement of the petrol stations’ old POS technology with Elo Touch Solutions’ 1515L desktop LCD touch monitors, which carry integrated swipe card readers.

Interactive Self-Service Touch Screen Kiosks

Tactile Technologies works closely with its clients and their software providers to deliver interactive self-service service kiosks that are specifically designed to be accessible to people of all levels of computer literacy and to fit seamlessly into the environment. They’re also sleek and attractive in design and strongly representative of their parent brand. Some of the customers Tactile Technologies has produced interactive self-service touch screen kiosks for include:

  • Debswana Mines, the world’s leading producers of gem-quality diamonds (contributing 30% by value to global output). Their self-service kiosks have been deployed in a punishing mine environment, where “undesked” employees are able to use them to view and print their payslips, apply for internal job positions, communicate with mine management and HR, and other administrative tasks.
  • South African Airports Company (ACSA): self-service kiosks have been deployed in numerous airports across the country, enabling passengers to skip the queues and check in for flights, reducing wait times by a considerable 30%.
  • Johannesburg Housing Company, a non-profit social housing company that services residents wishing to find affordable accommodation within inner city Johannesburg. Here, Tactile Technologies self-service touch screen kiosks allow tenants to securely pay their rent at any time of the day or night, which they can do in one lump sum or as individual payments.
  • Movie cinema companies, Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro. The freestanding touch screen monitors supplied by Tactile Technologies enable movie-goers to view, book, pay for, and print movie tickets, as well as swipe their loyalty cards to earn or redeem points. This has drastically reduced the queuing problems movie cinemas used to struggle with.
  • DHL, the world’s largest and best-known courier company. For this project, a range of freestanding touch screen kiosks were deployed to DHL depots around South Africa, starting with Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. These touch screen kiosks were designed to enhance customer experience and eliminate queuing by allowing customers to check in a parcel, enter all its details, print the waybill, and pay for it, before dropping it off at the counter.

Tactile Technologies has also partnered with RCA, a distributor (and reseller) of capital equipment and related surgical consumables for the medical industry, in particular, Elo medical grade touch screen monitors.

So, you see, Tactile Technologies has worked tirelessly to deliver state-of-the-art touch screen solutions to retailers, service providers, and companies of all sizes and industries, effectively increasing productivity, streamlining efficiency, and improving the satisfaction of customers all over South Africa!

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