The 8 Enormous Benefits of Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks In Retail

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With much of the world having gone online, today’s consumer is entirely comfortable with researching products and services and making purchases through the use of technology. An interactive touch screen kiosk is therefore the perfect marriage between the brick-and-mortar retail environment – the physical store, shop or other real estate in a public venue – and the incredible efficiency and convenience of the online world. More and more businesses are tuning in to the incredible and lucrative benefits afforded by equipping their stores with a touch screen kiosk and so, in this blog, we shall be delving into those benefits.

1. Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks Reduce Business Costs

Online shopping has not only managed to make the shopping experience quick, convenient and efficient; it’s also managed to personalize it with the various online retailers requiring users to log in to an account where all their personal information is kept and search/purchase history remembered. Walking in to a physical store is, by comparison, an awfully cumbersome process. Delivering personalized service to people you’ve never met before is an art form and it is essential if you want your brand to successfully interact and engage with its customers.

How can your retail business achieve this level of personalized service?

An interactive touch screen kiosk.

These freestanding or wall-mounted touch screens allow customers to access all the information they want and need regarding a product or service you provide. They can peruse your online catalogue and even place an order if you don’t have the product they want in stock. A touch screen kiosk used as a point of information is more effective and engaging than an employee and can either free up the time of your personnel OR can assume the role of an employee altogether.

For example: Walk into any Ster-Kinekor or Nu Metro cinema nowadays and you’re likely to find that the ticketing booths are no longer manned by personnel, they’re all self-service touch screen kiosks. At these kiosks, you can read up about the latest movies, what time they’re screening and then finish off by purchasing tickets and popcorn. The staff members that would traditionally be manning these kiosks are diverted to other, more skillful tasks.

2. Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks Improve Business Efficiency

Touch screen kiosks are capable of putting in a 24-hour work day, 365 days a year – without sick leave or vacation – provided they’re plugged in to a power source and for this reason, they can save your business a lot of money, as we just explained in the previous point.

In addition to working long hours, touch screen kiosks work to the same high standard day in and day out, delivering a consistent and quality user experience. They’re extremely adept in performing the more simplistic and mundane of tasks, such as answering questions, providing information and facilitating transactions, thereby giving staff members more time to dedicate to more important and challenging responsibilities.

3. Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks Enhance Customer Service

Touch screen kiosks can perform a handsome suite of retail tasks and functions, from providing detailed information in the form of a digital product or service catalogue to processing ticket orders and registrations and much, much more. With all of this functionality at the fingertips of your customers, they can skip the queues and perform the necessary tasks themselves with a few deft swipes of their fingertips. Touch screen kiosks allow your business to provide more efficient and comprehensive service and better customer service equates to guaranteed satisfaction.

For Example: In the upgraded McDonald’s restaurants, you can place your food order through their sophisticated new system using one of their touch screen kiosks. The touch screen is incredibly easy and intuitive to use and allows you to explore their full menu in a way you’ve never been able to before. Now, with the full variety of deliciousness offered by McDonalds at your fingertips, you can place your order, pay and collect your receipt without having to queue up at the counter. Your order number will be called when it’s ready: it’s the ultimate in customer satisfaction and we’re lovin’ it!

4. Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks Improve The Customers’ Buying Experience

Pretty much hand-in-hand with the previous point: better customer service equates to a much-improved customer buying experience. Think about it… if you make it easy and pleasurable for your customers to get the products and services they need, they won’t think twice about coming back you to again, or recommending you to friends, colleagues and family. A happy customer is a far more efficient marketing avenue than any billboard or poster. They’re also far more likely to purchase more.

Touch screen kiosks make it easy to access information, place an order and pay. A European study showed that they reduced the wait times experienced by customers by as much as 60% and this is not even to mention the reduced queues your store could have. Another thing worth mentioning is the opportunity to market to your customers as they peruse the virtual world contained by your touch screen kiosks. Message retention this way is far more effective than a poster on the wall or printed signage.

5. Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks Increase Sales

You don’t get a bigger benefit than that! The primary reason businesses outfit their stores, shops, outlets and other spaces with branded touch screen kiosks is so that they can supercharge their sales and establish new and innovative lines of revenue that all lead back to their bank account.

According to surveys, two thirds of the consumers that walk into a shop don’t yet know exactly what they want to purchase. They may know what they need, for example, breakfast cereal, but the majority of them don’t know what type or what brand of breakfast cereal they want.

An interactive touch screen kiosk won’t tell consumers what breakfast cereal they should buy, but it is a highly effective way to market certain products and to piggyback other products onto that push to purchase. This is done through showing special promotions, discounts, bundled packages and other seductive offers the consumer simply can’t turn down.

“Hmmm, I need breakfast cereal, but I see that there’s a special on All Bran Flakes. There’s also a special on coffee, tuna, batteries, etc. so I might as well stock up on those items while they’re cheaper.”

The result is that consumers buy far more than they ever anticipated buying and they still walk out the store happier, feeling as though they’ve secured themselves a real deal.

This, of course, applies to any retail outlet – not just a grocery store. Buy one T-shirt, get another for half-price. Buy three sticks of deodorant, get the fourth free. Sign up for a cell phone contract, get a month’s free data. The interactive touch screen kiosk is there to expose your customers to the incredible possibilities, discounts and deals that your store offers, whatever that is.

6. Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks Deliver A Faster Return On Investment

This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the previous one… an increase in sales means a faster return on investment. Let’s say that equipping a retail outlet with an interactive touch screen kiosk increases your revenue by $1,000 a week. That unit could pay itself off within 12 months and thereafter, you’re enjoying pure profit. This is really just an arbitrary example… the increase in sales could be more or it could be less depending on your industry. The bottom line is that interactive touch screen kiosks pay for themselves and it won’t be long until they’re channeling pure profits directly into your pocket.

7. Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks Boost Job Satisfaction

As we mentioned, touch screen kiosks are really useful in freeing up the time of your in-store staff by performing the more mundane and tedious tasks. This means that your personnel can turn their time and attention to taking care of the tasks that require more responsibility, skill and talent, which is hugely motivating.

For example: Installing a self-service touch screen kiosk in your coffee shop, which sends orders directly to the baristas and processes payment, means that your baristas can focus their time and energy on making exceptional coffee, rather than standing behind the till and working as a glorified cashier.

Your staff will be constantly learning, acquiring new skills and handling more responsibility, rather than chipping away at the same boring duties day in and day out. This increased involvement and skill – together with the increased revenue generated by your touch screen kiosks – also means that your staff can enjoy better compensation, which is guaranteed to drive job satisfaction and increase staff retention.

8. Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks Help Businesses Understand Consumer Behavior

One of the unsung benefits of interactive touch screen kiosks is the massive potential to learn about the buying habits of your customers through analytics. Armed with this information, business owners will literally have the key to giving their customers what they want: an improved buying experience, better and more desirable offers and more targeted advertising, all of which circle back to increased sales.

This technology – if used as a login system – can also be used to remember customer identities, as well as their interests, preferences and search histories. Which products have they purchased in the past? Which items have they shown interest in? Using this information, your touch screen kiosk can offer them personalized deals and discounts the next time they log in, which will likely drive compel them to click the “purchase” button.

If you’re interested in outfitting your retail store with touch screen technology kiosks we encourage you to take a look at Tactile Technologies’ state-of-the-art yet affordable range of Kiosks. Alternatively, Contact Us with your query and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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