Product Manager - Gauteng

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A Product Manager, is responsible for overseeing all activities relating to researching, designing, and marketing products. Duties include completing market research to find out more about competitors’ products or customer needs, co-ordinating with the customer service department to identify potential product defects or customer suggestions.





  • Relevant Tertiary Qualification

  • An Equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable

  • Minimum of 2 years relevant, data related business experience




Region: Gauteng
Salary: Market-related
(Negotiable based on experience)



Overseeing and managing products from beginning to end, involving the following: 

  • Using market research to get ideas for products that customers will want

  • Assisting with the how to market and promote products to customers

  • Define product marketing communication objectives

  • Comparing the company’s products to competitor’s products in order to assess competition in the market

  • Providing management with analyses and reports and responding to questions and requests from management

  • Specifying and overseeing the research needed to determine the needs and desires of customers

  • The Product Manager represents the business by reaching out to customers to solicit feedback on products.

  • The Product Manager analyses and evaluates data to identify underlying reasons for product issues and reports findings to the head of product management

  • Prioritising product strategies based on customer impact

  • The product manager should constantly update himself / herself on both professional and technical aspects. This is achieved by attending various supplier / manufacture webinars and various roadshows. Reviewing professions publications and networking within the industry

  • The product manager must ensure that the business does not lag behind the competition



All applications to be submitted by the 1st of April 2022



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