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The DCR™ x86 POS Terminal
“Entirely New. Completely Redefined.”

The DCR™ x86 is completely new POS concept with an eight or ten-inch wide touch screen display as well as a second, customer-facing display, a card reader, and a fast receipt printer all combined into one product. The powerful, all-in-one DCR™ x86 brings business owners the best of POS solutions at a highly affordable price, making it an ideal choice for retail and hospitality businesses.

Groundbreaking, All-in-One Compact Design with Small Footprint

The DCR™ x86’s innovative all-in-one design has redefined the POS terminal, making this product incredibly ergonomic and space-conscious. With an area of less than a sheet of A4 paper, this POS terminal can easily fit onto any counter surface, leaving plenty of room at checkout counters for staff to sell and/or display additional items that can increase a business’ revenue. The DCR™ x86’s super compact, all-in-one design has even been recognized by the world’s prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Powerful Performance

In spite of its compact design, the DCR™ x86 is incredibly fast and powerful with an Intel® Celeron® J1900 or J1800 processor on board. These high performance, yet energy efficient processors deliver reliable operation and best-in-class performance that can easily tackle any of today’s POS applications. Additionally, with Windows OS, the DCR™ x86 is compatible with most systems, is easy and familiar to use, and requires minimal staff training.

Multiple Peripheral Devices

The DCR™ x86 provides connection to multiple peripheral devices so that businesses can add more peripheral devices as they expand, grow, or change.

DCR™ x86 Features at a Glance…

  • Red Dot Design Award winner
  • Super compact, all-in-one POS terminal
  • Three-inch printer, card reader, and customer display integrated
  • Powerful Intel® Celeron® J1900 or J1800 Quad-Core processor integrated
  • Windows OS supported
  • Eight or ten-inch wide displays with PCAP touch technology
  • Bright screen with LED backlight
  • Fast, jam-free printer with a printing speed of 200 to 250 mm/s
  • Budget-friendly solution
  • Swift operation allows staff to process customers quickly

The DCR™ M4

The DCR™ M4 is the ideal choice for businesses that are looking for a maximum return on minimum investment. The groundbreaking design of the DCR™ M4 has an eight-inch wide PCAP touch screen, a fast, jam-free printer, a payment module, and a customer display all integrated into a single unit. This super compact POS solution negates the need for optional devices and peripherals, making it the most cost-effective on the market.

Breakthrough Performance

The DCR™ M4 is powered by ARM® Cortex® M4 technology, which delivers a high performance and zero-wait execution. This makes this POS terminal a great solution for retail stores with a lot of traffic, table service, and quick service restaurants. Quite simply, the DCR™ M4 does more with less.

Superior Touch Display

The touch display of the DCR™ M4 has been specifically designed to be exceptionally durable, easy-to-use, and deliver enhanced performance. The display itself is lit up brightly with energy efficient, industrial-grade LED lights, which also serve to extend the product life. The use of PCAP and 10-point multi-touch technology (activated by gloved and ungloved fingers) delivers familiar and intuitive experiences.

Affordable Solution for Budget Wary Businesses

The DCR™ M4 may offer a powerful and comprehensive POS solution but it has also been designed with a budget in mind. The lean and simple structure is intended to cater to businesses with a limited budget, which makes the DCR™ M4 a cost effective solution that has the lowest initial cost and total cost of ownership in its class.

DCR™ M4 Features at a Glance…

  • Brand new, all-in-one design
  • Super compact size with fresh and modern aesthetics
  • The most affordable POS terminal on the market
  • Breakthrough Performance
  • Eight-inch wide (bright) touch screen display with minimum glare
  • The display tilts toward operators for easy operation
  • Three-inch, high-speed jam-free printer (integrated) with printing speed of 150mm/s
  • No messy cables and small footprint, which frees up checkout counter space and allows staff to display and sell more items
  • Integrated customer display and card reader
  • Connection to multiple peripheral devices
  • Pre-installed POS software for restaurants
  • Budget-friendly solution