Elo Touch

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Elo 1517L Desktop Touch Screen Monitor

The 15" Elo 1517L is built to withstand the punishment of continuous public use with a rugged "built..

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Elo 1903LM 19" Medical Grade Touch Screen Monitor

The Elo 03-Series of Touchscreen Monitors designed for the Healthcare applications includes four siz..

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Elo 2202L 22' Touch Screen Monitor

The Elo 02-Series of Touchscreen Monitors designed with seamless style across all sizes includes fou..

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Elo 22Inch Andriod I-series

The I-Series 2.0 for Android is one of the most versatile product lines on the market. Available in ..

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Elo 2403LM 24" Medical Grade Touch Screen Monitor

24" Medical Grade Touchmonitor, (1920x1080), PCAP Touch (10 Touch), VGA, HDMI, IP54, USB, Black/Whit..

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