FR21 Neon Stationary Scanner
SCAN RATE60 Frames per Second
SOFTWAREEasySet (Configuration)

FR21 Neon Stationary Scanner

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Customer-facing scanning solution.

First time, every time scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes from an LCD screen. The FR21 Neon was built to create an optimal customer experience at the POS. It scans quickly and easily, even for the most inexperienced user, making it an ideal solution for applications like Mobile Payment,Customer Loyalty and Ticket Verification.

Suits your POS perfectly.

The FR21 Neon is designed as a modern and attractive device that you can fully adjust to your brand and POS. Its compact size makes it ideal for positioning on a small desk, a store shelf or at the counter, where space is crucial. For added flexibility , the scanning head can be tilted up to 35° to accommodate objects of various shapes and sizes.

Subtle , modest illumination.

The FR21 Neon is equipped with a subtle, white light that optimizes the scanning performance without drawing unnecessary attention when faced outwards. Additionally, the depth of field helps customers scan quickly without causing the device to light up unnecessarily.

Customize for your brand.

It is easy and affordable to match the FR21 Neon to your brand. The fully flat front lends itself to simple cover designs and the round window (diameter 2.8 cm) underneath the scanner has LED lighting behind it, providing extra visibility for a company logo placed over it. This allows you to customize and change up the look of the device, even for small quantities.

For large order quantities, the color of the full desktop scanner can be adjusted for further customization.