New Toshiba TCx™ 300

Toshiba TCx™ 300

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5" Mini POS

Thanks to its small footprint and flexible configurations, retailers don't have to design their store layouts around the TCx 300. This compact POS system can live in a variety of places on the checkout counter, allowing space for valuable up-sell items at the cash wrap, promotional signage and more. But don’t let its small footprint fool you. This retail-hardened system features next-generation technology that takes performance to a new level.


  • Customizable internal components allow flexible choices in hardware configuration to fit your retail needs
  • Low-maintenance systems naturally live longer and perform at a higher level over time.
  • TCx 300 is equipped with energy-conscious features that help prolong the life of the device and save your business up to 37 percent in energy costs.
  • Deep sleep mode allows the system to operate with minimal energy when checkout lanes are idle, then wakes up in seconds when your associates are ready to help a customer.
  • Embedded Intel 8th and 9th Generation S Series processors