Kiosk 1

Kiosk 1

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Kiosk Design 1

Highly customizable with several add-ons for a variety of employee and customer-centric applications

Tactile Technologies’ elegant yet edgy freestanding touch screen kiosks are a powerful display and interactive option for any business that could benefit from a Point-of-Sale, Point-of-Information, or self-service system. These sophisticated kiosks with the latest touch screen monitors with market leading touch technology are designed to serve employees and engage customers with high quality content related to your services and products.

Add-ons and optional extras

Tactile Technologies’ freestanding kiosks are built from 2 mm-thick, powder-coated mild steel, stand at a height of 1.5 m, and include a small-form PC and touch screen monitor of between 15 and 22-inches in diameter, depending on the customer’s specifications. Our Kiosk Design 1 is highly customizable with a range of optional extras and add-ons that enable them to perform a suite of applications:

  • Rugged keyboard – enables users to type in their details and log information

  • Printer – 80 mm printer for issuing receipts or larger A4 kiosk printer for statements, payslips, etc.

  • Document kiosk scanner – to enable users to log information or create electronic copies of documents and share these with business HR.

  • Fingerprint reader (biometrics) – for quick, convenient, and secure access to personal accounts.

  • Payments – card payment facilities (card-reader) and note and coin manager/validators for cash payments.

  • Customer privacy panels – to prevent other people from seeing a user’s details and private information.

  • Box PC (BP-363) CPU computer featuring Intel Bay Trail with numerous I/O options.

  • We can also integrate barcode scanners – to scan barcodes such as QR codes for loyalty programmes and ID barcodes for user authentication.

Tactile Technologies’ kiosk design 1 can take a second non-touch display at the top section that businesses can use for displaying digital signage and ads.

Touch Screen Kiosk Applications

Tactile Technologies’ freestanding self-service kiosks empower business employees or customers to perform a suite of vital functions that relieve pressure on the business and its staff.

They promote productivity and efficiency by allowing the customer or employee to guide themselves through an easy-to-use and engaging system, learning about what you have to offer, printing payslips, logging information, or benefitting from loyalty programmes, depending on your precise needs. Tactile Technologies custom builds self-service interactive kiosks to perform any application in any environment.

Freestanding touchscreen kiosks can be an important part of the flow of any business and can halve queues, while promoting efficiency, customer education and sales. They can also be used to advertise any specials, discounts or promotions you might be running. And given their construction from durable materials, Tactile Technologies’ touch screen kiosks are widely used in punishing environments that see a lot of traffic, such as municipality or government buildings, factories, mines, transport systems, and more.