FM430 Barracuda Stationary Scanners
SCAN RATE60 Frames per second
SOFTWAREEasySet (Configuration)

FM430 Barracuda Stationary Scanners

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Megapixel camera:

The FM430 Barracuda is a barcode scanning powerhouse. No matter what type of barcode is presented, the megapixel camera allows users to scan 1D and 2D barcodes, including very small ones, with impressive speed and ease.

Snappy, also in less than perfect conditions.

A combination of the IR sensor and the light sensor helps to keep workers moving , even in low light conditions. Its strong , white light ensures barcodes are always well lit.

Handsfree or manual scanning.

Companies looking for automatic scanning to relieve manual labor can set up the FM430 Barracuda for handsfree scanning.

Alternatively, a manual trigger button can be used if preferred.

Intelligent programming.

The sensors of the FM430 Barracuda automatically adjust the brightness of supplementary lighting based on the light that reflects off the barcode. This also makes it an optimal solution for scanning from mobile phone screens. Depending on the application, the scanner can be set to optimally read from close and long distance.

Reliable outdoor use.

With an IP rating of 54, this fixed mount scanner can be placed in a housing and used outdoors without worrying about dust or moisture.

Bright laser aimer (optional).

The FM430 Barracuda is available with a red cross laser that makes scanning easy and intuitive, even for the most inexperienced users.

Application scenarios.

Self-service kiosks used in e-commerce, express delivery services, access control, loyalty, mobile payment, events ticket redemption, gaming cash outs , postal services, transport boarding passes, parking ticket machines, production line.