Kiosk 2

Kiosk 2

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Kiosk Design 2

Simple, efficient and cost-effective design in standard form with attractive, contemporary aesthetic

Add a stylish, interactive element to your business, retail store, or outlet with the sleek freestanding touch screen kiosk. Made from exceptionally durable 2mm powder coated mild steel, Tactile Technologies’ freestanding kiosks are built for public use and to streamline the workspace and optimize sales and interaction.

Our kiosk design 2 is a standard build that is not freely customizable but does offer customers a choice in touch screen size (between 15 and 22-inches, etc.) and brand (Elo, FEC, house brand, etc.) We also offer our kiosks with an optional 2.4GHz Bay Trail Fanless CPU computer. This cost-effective option is simple and straightforward with a slim, contemporary design.

Tactile Technologies’ kiosk design 2 can also take a second non-touch display at the top section that businesses can use for displaying digital signage and ads.

Why Invest in a Touch Screen Kiosk?

Touchscreen kiosks are good investments for businesses that have a product catalogue or extensive list of services. They provide customers with an intuitive way to explore your product/service catalogue and even order and make purchases online. This seamlessly blends the in-store offering with the online offering, facilitating an “endless aisle” experience and ensuring that no customer exits the front door disappointed because that specific outlet was out of stock of the size/colour/brand, etc. they wanted.

Key applications for touch screen kiosks:

  • Used as a Point of Information (POI) solution, they provide customers with product and service information that’s geared at guiding them towards making a purchase.

  • Used as a Point of Sale (POS) solution, they provide customers with a quick, easy and super convenient method for making direct purchases, without waiting in a queue or speaking to a staff member.

  • Employee Self Service: Payslip printing, training, job applications, communication with management and HR, etc.

  • Customer Self Service: Statement printing, self-check-ins, account management, loyalty programmes, etc.

These functions lead to an incredible host of benefits that ultimately drive sales, customer experience ratings, and employee satisfaction. They can also drastically reduce the workload and demand on staff, which can save your business a lot of time and money. Educate, engage and market to your customers more effectively and efficiently with a freestanding touch screen kiosk from Tactile Technologies.