In 2014 we launched a selection of products under our own house brand name. These products complete the gaps that existed in our existing product range because of cost and/or supply and/or esthetical expectations. Currently available are Tactile open frame touch monitors, Tactile POS printers and a range of Tactile retail- and industrial scanners.

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Kiosk 1

Kiosk Design 1Highly customizable with several add-ons for a variety of employee and customer-cen..

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Kiosk 2

Kiosk Design 2Simple, efficient and cost-effective design in standard form with attractive, conte..

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Tactile 10" ANDROID Desktop POS New

Tactile 10" ANDROID Desktop POS

Features and Applications:Low level integrationMore PowerMax efficiencyAffordableDurable, Reliable, ..

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Tactile 15"

The 15” Tactile PCAP touch screen is based on projected capacitive technology, offering optimal seam..

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Tactile 15K1

The 15-inch 15K1W open frame touch screen monitor from Tactile Technologies is a brand new, low cost..

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Tactile 215K1

The 21.5-inch LCD open frame touch monitor from Tactile Technology is the perfect marriage of low co..

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Tactile 22"

The 22" IIYAMA PCAP desktop touch screen monitor boasts a full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution guarantee..

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Tactile 4.0" Keyboard PDA New

Tactile 4.0" Keyboard PDA

Features: Fast and accurateAll-in-one mobile POSMax efficiencyHigh definition cameraDrop resist..

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Tactile 5" No Printer New

Tactile 5" No Printer

Features:Light weight and slim designMultiple touch pointsSpeed up work flowImprove accuracyARM Cort..

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Tactile 5.0" HD Printer New

Tactile 5.0" HD Printer

Features and Applications:Magnetic charging interfaceAll-in-one mobile POSMax efficiencyAffordableDu..

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Tactile 5.45" Ticketing Terminal New

Tactile 5.45" Ticketing Terminal

Features:Quick, accurate performanceMore PowerMax efficiencyAffordableDurable, ReliableCradle suppor..

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Tactile PT52 15" AIO New

Tactile PT52 15" AIO

Features 15” True-Flat PCAP TouchIP54 Protection (Front)Wide Range of Tilt Angle 0 ~ 90 degreeUltra ..

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Tactile Z9 Series Touch POS Terminal New

Tactile Z9 Series Touch POS Terminal

Product features:New designWhite and black colors optional availableHigh resolution wide screen with..

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