Tactile, iMin join forces, aim to further grow market share in Android market

Tactile Technologies ended last year on a high by exposing a new distribution relationship with Singapore-based manufacturer iMin.

Tactile founder, Mauro Mercuri, says: “We have spent the last nine months getting to know iMin, its people, plans, products and goals. We are impressed and ready to introduce and push the exciting iMin range of products to the South African as well as Belgian market. iMin allows us to broaden an already strong range of Android devices. In an economy where pressure on budgets continues to grow, iMin brings relief, it’s that simple.”

iMin Co-founder, Zelia Che, says: “For iMin, the most critical objective is to make sure we can find the right distribution partners worldwide. The definition of good distribution partner is not only to deliver durable products with competitive prices, but also to offer other critical services to help businesses grow.

“We are impressed by Tactile’s engagement, and more specifically, Tactile’s skill sets, such as customer base, technology focus and extraordinary culture of people. I am looking forward to Tactile’s capability to bring iMin to the next level in SA and Belgium.”

POS devices should be a valuable helping hand, not an unwieldy machine. With more thoughtfully designed POS devices in the pipeline, iMin hopes to grow together with small businesses.

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