Tactile Technologies’ 15-inch Tactile PCAP Touch Screen

The 15-inch Tactile PCAP touch screen caters to the needs of a wide array of businesses and industries. With its powerful features, reliability, and affordability, this product always delivers.

The 15-inch Tactile PCAP touch screen monitor was innovated in house, by Tactile Technologies. Based on projected capacitive touch technology, this touch screen offers an accurate and seamless touch response, as well as crystal clear image clarity. Additionally, because capacitive touch technology has a glass overlay, the screen itself is very durable and highly resistant to scratching. This touch screen monitor is an incredibly powerful touch solution that’s ideal for in-store retail purposes.

The 15-inch Tactile PCAP touch screen comes with a steady base and an adjustable stand, which enables users to tilt the screen by up to 80 degrees. The menu buttons that control basic functions, such as power on / power off, screen brightness, and volume, are located on the back of the screen and can be locked to prevent people from tampering with it (useful if intended for public use). Finally, the touch screen can be disabled, which makes it much easier to be cleaned without inadvertently operating the screen.

The accessories that are included with each unit are a power cable, a stand-base, stand and screw, Mylar sheet (for VESA mount), AC adapter, VGA (D-Sub) signal cable, and a USB cable, as well as quick start and safety guides.

A Little More on Projected Capacitive Touch Technology

The 15-inch Tactile PCAP touch screen makes use of projected capacitive touch technology, which consists of a grid of micro-fine sensor wires, over which a screen of durable, scratch-resistant glass has been placed. The sensors themselves emit electrical impulses that are disturbed whenever a finger (or several fingers) are placed on the sensor grid. The sensors detect the precise location of the disturbance and this gets translated into an action.

The use of a glass panel as the overlying material means that the 15-inch Tactile PCAP touch screen offers high quality picture performance and will work with both gloved and ungloved fingers. This is particularly useful in environments such as restaurant kitchens and medical settings, where employees are expected to wear gloves for hygiene purposes.

IP54 Resistance Water and Scratching

The IP Code classifies how resistant a device is to damage or infiltration by factors such as dust and water or humidity. The Tactile PCAP touch screen carries a rating of IP54, which means that the monitor can operate perfectly in dusty conditions, while also resisting splashing water. This makes this product an excellent choice for more punishing settings, such as retail, hospitality, and restaurants.

Contact Us to Become a Reseller

Contact Tactile Technology at sales@tactileproducts.co.za or info@tactile-emea.com (Netherlands) today if you’re interested in becoming a reseller of the 15-inch Tactile PCAP touch screen.

Alternatively you can give our office a call at:
Cape Town TEL: +27 21 914 0819
Johannesburg TEL: +27 11 5538010
Netherlands: +31 646 270 636

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