Tactile Technologies onboards Brett W Simpson, emotional resilience coach

With the onset and uncertainty around COVID-19 in early 2020, Tactile Technologies made it a priority to ensure that all employees had a sense of consistency and certainty within the work environment, which hopefully would extend into each employee’s personal life.

Over time, the impact of stress on what the future holds was starting to creep into the work environment. With this in mind, Tactile Group Director Mauro Mercuri started discussions with Brett Simpson, who is a qualified coach, trainer and mentor for those seeking to build resilience within their lives. Simpson specialises in a tool called the Enneagram (motivation and personality tool) and shares evidence-based and scientifically supported wisdom on how to manage our physical, mental and even aspects of spiritual health, with a focus on emotional stability.

In October 2020, Simpson embarked on a journey with Tactile to assist each employee to manage the escalation in stress and the anxiety caused by COVID-19 and the impact that it has on our well-being and physical health.

Spread over several weeks, Tactile Technologies carried out workshops for all employees in each of the three branches. Over and above these resilience workshops, each employee was offered the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with Simpson. Each of these one-on-one sessions assisted all employees to apply tools and techniques orientated by their specific style of thinking and acting.

Alison Johnston, Tactile Managing Director: “From the outcomes received, it was clear that tremendous value was being offered and added. Hence Tactile’s decision to extend the agreement with Brett Simpson to offer additional resilience workshops and one-on-one sessions with all employees on an ongoing basis. This to allow employees the opportunity to understand their stress levels over these difficult times and how to cope with day-to-day life, not only within their work environment, but also within their personal environments.”

Brett Simpson: “Mental and Emotional health thankfully are finally getting accepted in business as a key success factor. It just so happens that happier people are 31% more productive, reach 37% higher sales and are 3 times more creative. Support your employees and increase your chances of business successin these uncertain times.”Mauro Mercuri: “We could pretty much immediately see positives from Brett’s involvement. People are flourishing, have crossed barriers, are stepping up and team spirit has further improved. Our partnership with Brett Simpson is one that is very important to the wellbeing of all employees and will be a partnership that looks set to continue without end.It is important that all employees feel appreciated and secure within the workplace, as any company’s growth is the result of an entire team’s efforts.”

For more info on Brett W Simpson go www.brettwsimpson.com.

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