Tactile 19K1


Diagonal Size 19.0inch
Aspect Ratio 5:4
Native Resolution 1280 x 1024
Touch Technology
Touch Technology Surface Accoustic Wave
Touch Interface USB/Serial

Tactile 19K1

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The 19K1 open frame touch screen monitor from Tactile Technologies offers resellers and end users a highly competitive solution that delivers fantastic performance and unparalleled value for money. Tactile actually offers a range of low cost open frame monitors that vary in size from 15 or 17 inches all the way up to 23 or 27 inches, enabling you to choose the perfect technology for your environment, business and industry.

All of Tactile Technologies’ open frame touch screen monitors are built for punishing use with their compact design and waterproof sealing.

19” Tactile 19K1 Touch Screen Monitor Features

The 19” Tactile 19K1 features a bezel seal standard (NEMA3 and IEC IP65) enabling it to withstand the rigors of environmental exposure and frequent public use. These touch screens have been designed to accommodate panel upgrades without the need for any changes to its external housing. This ensures the long product cycle of the 19K1 touch screen monitor, making it the most cost effective solution on the market.

In addition to this outstanding feature, the 19” Tactile 19K1 offers great visuals and high quality display with its Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch technology on clear and pure glass, as well as its high contrast ratio, high brightness and broad viewing angle. The open frame monitor itself boasts an attractive compact and slim profile, which allows for easy integration from top, bottom and sides.

19” Tactile 19K1 Touch Screen Monitor Features and Accessories

The 19” Tactile 19K1 from Tactile Technologies has approval from worldwide agencies. It also comes with a two-year warranty and the following accessories:

  • North American or European power cable (according to the end user’s area),
  • USB touch cable
  • A power supply brick,
  • DVI and video cables,
  • Four standard L-brackets for a variety of mounting options.

In terms of applications, the sky’s the limit! The 19” Tactile 19K1 touch screen monitor can be used (and IS used) in a great variety of industries and verticals, some of which include hospitality, gaming, entertainment, transport, kiosk systems (indoor and outdoor), banking, customized solutions and much, much more.